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New Shitty Website

Well this has been an interesting month. My wife is away for an entire month for a wilderness training course, and I cannot talk to her until August 17th, so I have been occupying my time with LOTS of projects to keep my mind off that. I'm currently editing my first feature film that we have almost wrapped: CHEST, coming 2020! I have also been doing chores out the ass around the house, and I decided to just go ahead and build that terminal based website i've always wanted to do! I have also put together a pretty efficient build system using Gulp/NodeJS/NPM/etc in the process that I plan to use to build more freelance websites so it isnt just for the fun of it. But I wanted to get this amazing user-unfriendly gem out there for people to look at. I don't want to be flashy--I'll leave that to my freelance clients' websites. So, I hope you enjoy this, and maybe you'll check back as I add in more features. Maybe a version of Zork? Or the snake game to play while you are here? Who knows what easter eggs i'll be hiding all over this fuckin' thing.