You've got questions, and we probably have an answer.

Below are the most frequently asked and answered questions we have received during our development processes, so hopefully you can benefit from them, too. If you still have questions after perusing the list below, feel free to contact us with any other things you would want to know! We update this list all the time, so check back! Or contact us and ask us a question–we might add it to the list!

  • Why not use a service like Wix or Squarespace to build my site?

    For a lot of people, using a "in-the-box" website builder like Squarespace, Wix, or many other services, this option will probably be all that you need to get up and running with your site—you can even get a nice template to make your site look really nice. However, if you ever want to do anything advanced, unique, or experimental with your marketing and/or advertising for your site this is where these sites make money. They offer you the basics, knowing the basics are probably not going to be enough for most businesses in such a dynamic market, so they charge inflated prices for such services, and even more inflated prices to get one of their developers to help you. We can help you build your vision from the ground up and ensure that all the cool ideas you want to do are all possible for a fraction of the cost.

    These big-box services also package a lot of extra crap you will never need, mislead you on services that should be free to use and implement and just generally over-charge for things one of our developers could implement like it was riding a bike--most of the time completely for free. Don't fall for the hype—you're gonna need a developer on your side if you want to really take your site to the next level.

    At the very least we will work with you to help you understand these sites to see if you can actually achieve what you want, and how and if we can help save you money. We can even help set up advanced features for you if you already use one of these services.

    We don't want to waste our time building a site from scratch if all you need is a basic package from Squarespace or Shopify. Use our custom quote form for a free consultation to find out more.

  • Should I include my email address on my site so customers can contact us?

    We will always insist that you never have your email address listed on your website—in fact will will probably put our foot down and refuse to do so—and the reason is that there are spam bots that have the technology available to scan your website and collect any email addresses listed on the page and use those to add them to spam lists. Any website that insists on posting their email address will 9 times out of ten start receiving tons of spam to that email address, even if you've never used it.

    So how are customers supposed to contact you? There are multiple ways to get around this: 1) is to only use contact forms on your page that will submit any message from your site, without ever revealing the destination address. 2) Only use phone numbers or better yet a 1-800 number to call for support or inquiries. 3) Put an address on the site that is not a real email address but is an alias that when people email it, strict spam filters are set in place to get rid of any obvious spam–however, this method is not as effective as a web form with a CAPTCHA validation box that can detect and prohibit spam bots from using the form.

  • Is there any site you won't build?

    We will pretty much attempt any project that comes our way unless you are a business that is involved in any kind of illegal activity, hate speech, bigotry, or just general up-to-no-goodery. If you want your site to be saturated with ads, click bait, or misleading or malicious content we will certainly tell you to hit the road. We don't have time and will not make the time to build sites for bullshit companies when there are plenty of respectable ones looking for a place on the web. We have a code of ethics and the main point of that is that we don't want to facilitate the spread of advertising veiled as useful content. Go to the other guys–we won't lose a wink.

  • How do I know if I need a CMS and which one would I use?

    Basically, you will need a CMS if you want to be able to update content easily yourself. This means if you want a blog, news section, calendar events and other things like that which will need to be frequently added and updated. A CMS will also allow you to update certain sections of the site like header images, backgrounds, links, text and so forth.

    Which CMS you want really just depends on your preference. We recommend Wordpress for sites that are heavy on blogging and frequent news, and we recommend Shopify for sites that are mostly e-Commerce driven--although both can perform both functions if needed, just some are better than others. Go here for a complete list of CMS platforms and their functions.

    This is all information we would find out in a discovery meeting, so don't worry about it too much.

  • How much are your websites?
    The price of your website really depends on a bunch of different factors. Check out our packages page to get a rough idea of a starting price and what certain features will cost. We can also give you a quote for your project by filling out the quote form.
  • How long does it take to build a site?
    The timeline for your project really depends on the scope of the project, but generally a basic website can be put together in a couple of weeks from scratch. Things like Wordpress installs with template can be less time, but the entire project will probably be at least a month for a "discovery to production" job.
  • What are your payment terms?
    Generally we require a one third deposit. The second third is due at design approval, and the final third at launch or 30 days after final testing begins, whichever comes first.
  • Are there any monthly fees?
    None of our specific services require any monthly fees. Each payment is for a specific service and not ongoing. The only fees you will pay for your website are for the domain (yearly renewal), hosting and server space (about 6-10 bucks a month), and if you use an e-commerce platform like Shopify or Squarespace there may be fees for that service depending on what kind of site you run.
  • Will I be able to make changes to the site after it is completed?
    If you have purchased a CMS package, then yes you will be able to update your website via whatever CMS you have chosen. Sites that are static (built without a CMS) have to be updated manually in the code itself, which we can do for you for a small hourly change fee.
  • Do you offer rush timelines?
    Within reason, we might be able to work with you to speed up the process of getting your site live, but sometimes we have to cut corners to make that work. There will be a 20% rush fee added to all services that are under the rush timeline. However, if you want a full featured, all inclusive package site in a week, we might have to tell you "no".
  • Do you barter services?
    This is probably one of our favorite things to do! If you provide a service that we could benefit from or enjoy we can certainly negotiate a bartering system for building your site. But if you sell squids for a living we might have to turn down your barter. Sorry, Squids-R-US. :(